Development Progress

Object Class API and Editor

ID Type Summary Status
EL-176 Bug Texture Manager - Bug with not properly creating customized tiles. Done
EL-168 Task Object API Cleanup - Identify and Cleanup deprecated methods Done
EL-169 Task Object API Cleanup - Move object event system to external class ToDo
EL-170 Task Object API Cleanup - Refactor Genesis methods ToDo
EL-171 Task Object API Cleanup - Move Genesis List to external class ToDo
EL-172 Task Object API Cleanup - Cleanup Update methods (Stats, Resistances, Etc...) ToDo
EL-173 Task Object API Cleanup - Refactor Create Methods ToDo
EL-160 Task Port Entity Type tool From LO Done
EL-161 Task Entity Type Tool - Fixup Generic View Done
EL-162 Task Entity Type Tool - Armor View Done
EL-163 Task Entity Type Tool - Weapon View Done
EL-164 Task Entity Type Tool - Fix Auto Sell Price Setting Done
EL-165 Task Entity Type Tool - Research Stability of Tool Done
EL-166 Task Entity Type Tool - Map Editor to use Tool Lite Done
EL-177 Bug Editor - Weapon Damage Bug (Bonus Damage) Done
EL-178 Bug Editor - Npc multiplier values are not working properly Done
EL-179 Bug Editor - Health Calculation is off Done
EL-180 Task Editor - Npc Treasure table system change. Done
EL-181 Bug Editor - Npc type flags are not saving or disabling properly Done
EL-182 Task Type Entity Editor - Group selection Done
EL-183 Task Type Entity Editor - Enchantments not working Done
EL-184 Task Type Entity Editor - Npc Filter by level Done
EL-185 Task Editor - Weapon/Armor - Repairable flag. Done
EL-186 Bug Entity Type Editor - Cooldown controls not functioning Done
EL-187 Bug Entity Type Editor - Unable to change family Done
EL-188 Bug Entity Type Editor - Clear/Delete Type Done
EL-189 Bug Entity Type Editor - Expose Internal Name Done
EL-190 Bug Entity Type Editor - Armor/Weapon changes not updating price Done