News & Announcements

Account system back online

10/5/2019 3:05:54 PM
This was posted a little later than it should have, but the Asylumsoft Account Creation, and password recovery is back online.

Interruption in Account Creation and Password Recovery

10/2/2019 4:17:27 PM
There will be an interruption to Account Creation and Password recovery today as we are switching up our emailing service. We will post when everything has been resolved.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Live Development Update Page

9/26/2019 2:13:14 AM
Click on the Development button on the menu bar to see which tasks the Elderlands team is working on. The board updates once an hour and you will see updates as they happen.

Version 01.004.004.alpha is Live

9/24/2019 10:45:27 PM
Version: EL-1.04.004.alpha
Release: 2019-09-24

Bug Fixes
- Bag Opening Issue
- Bank bug is fixed
- Tweaked combat values for mid/high level creatures
- Minimized UI slightly
- Added gear drops on various creatures (1% to 5% drop rates)

Known Issues
- Quest items in bags are not being counted for quests.
- Some creatures still not dropping much loot.

New Backend Deployed

4/14/2019 4:32:30 PM
We have deployed the new Asylumsoft Game Cloud Platform. This new system is the backbone for our websites and games. Over the next few days the websites for our games will come back online.

Here is a list of changes:

1. Accounts for Lothgar Online and Elderlands are now centralized at the site. All account creation and management are handled here.

2. Logging into your account from the Asylumsoft site, means you are now automatically logged into the game sites.

3. We have fixed the issue where players were not receiving their account activation and password recovery emails.

4. There is a new customer service ticket form which includes much improved response system. Please report any problems on our support page.

5. We are close to testing the prototype of the new Asylumsoft Game Launcher

6. The AsylumCoin Store is back online from

7. Lothgar Online will be back online once we verify the game is properly integrated with the new back-end system.

8. Users are now able to view their AC purchase history. This includes details on in-game transactions (when you spend AC in the games).